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Six Life Hacks That Are Useful To Every Lady

Being a woman is quite demanding and in this world it has proved to be hard due to the many things that one will have to take care of. In some activities one will need to find a helping hand, but others will need one to be creative what is referred to as life hacks. Life hacks are creative ways that one can apply to solve the challenges that they encounter in their daily activities.

A life hack that one can apply when they are shopping for a flight is ensuring they delete cache from their computer’s browsers. When one is shopping for flights, there is the tendency of the websites to track computer and search history. The website thus provides one with the drop-down text easily, and while most people view it as a good idea it does them more harm than good. When one visits the same flight tracker severally within a week, the websites take notice and thus considers the flight as essential thus raising the price with each search. One can avoid being a victim of the trick through the ensuring they clearing their browser’s cookies and cache which ensures the tracker does not have access to the computer’s data.

Another challenge that most women are facing is having their email’s inbox filled with trash mainly emails from marketers and other time wasters. However there is a service that one can apply and help them to unsubscribe from all junk emails at once and remain with emails that one is interested in. One in need of managing their email inbox should visit a website called Unroll.me which requires their permission to access their email inbox where they also provide one with an option of selecting what to delete and what needs to be retained.

Another challenge to many ladies is how they can make coffee ice cubes. One needs to have ice cubes to ensure their coffee is not too hot or too cold. Putting the ice cubes can however make the coffee watery thus the need to have a life hack to help avoid it. To avoid watery coffee one needs to pour a fresh pot to an ice tray and place their drinks.

Wearing a bracelet may also prove to be tricky without anyone to help. However one can tape the eye side on the inside of the wrist and when secured it becomes easy to clasp and hook after which one peels off the tape. One can also use make up bag handy as makeshift opener. For hikers and marathon runners they can use duct tapes to prevent blisters.