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Tea vs. Coffee: Which One is Better?

For years, there has always been a constant debate on whether tea or coffee is the best drink there is. Fans of both drinks defend their favorite beverage with gusto and they continue to point out the benefits of their drink. Millions of people around the world continue to enjoy the drink as it has numerous benefits that range from weight loss to anti-cancer properties.

Green tea is considered as the most popular variety of tea and this drink has been enjoyed by the Chinese for centuries now. Here are some of the benefits of organic loose leaf tea which makes it the favorite drink even by the Queen of England.

Fights Cancer

Both coffee and tea has antioxidants but organic loose leaf tea is said to have higher concentrations of these cancer killers. The Polyphenols it contains are very strong in reducing cancer cell growth. Scientists continue to explore the properties of tea in combating cancer and completely ejecting it from the body. So whatever your reason for drinking tea is, know that you are also protecting your body from the Big C.

Better Digestion

One of the known qualities of tea is its capacity to improve one’s digestion. The tannins contained in tea can help soothe and clean your digestive system so it can properly function. Two cups of green tea every day can greatly change our morning routine, so drink up as your digestive tract will thank you for it.

Weight Loss Management

Heath conscious individuals are well aware of the weight loss properties of tea. The drink is full of catechin is good for improving the body’s metabolism and for reducing its fat absorption capacity. People who constantly drink organic loose leaf tea can attest to its weight loss properties and how it aids in making their body feel lighter.

Stronger Bones

When it comes to strong bones, our bodies need a good amount of Vitamin D every day. This vitamin can be found in green tea and it can help in improving our bone’s density. People who are suffering from osteoporosis can greatly benefit from drinking tea every day.

Control Blood Pressure

At least two cups of organic loose leaf tea can greatly improve one’s blood pressure. Clinical studies continue to support this claim of the beverage. Other than lowering blood pressure, tea, compared to coffee doesn’t cause palpitations. Cases of drinkers experiencing palpitations are fairly negligible. It is worth noting that although it has caffeine, the amount in every serving of tea is very low.

When it comes to health benefits, tea clearly outweighs the advantages that coffee provides to its drinkers.

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