Choosing IT Services For Your Company

In the Virgin Islands, new and existing companies review onsite and off-site IT services. The assessment determines if the company could reduce their overhead and free up capital with the services. A local consultant helps the company owner explore these possibilities and compare prices.

On-Site or Off-Site Company Network

The choice between setting up an onsite or off-site network design depends on the company’s budget. Companies that aren’t experiencing cashflow issues could afford an onsite LAN. However, new companies that are just starting out benefit from the low cost of an off-site setup. With the off-site network design, the company doesn’t have to hire a full IT staff. They gain an off-site network and systems administrator.

Web Development and Hosting Options

Web development services provide an e-commerce website. It enables the company to sell their products to customers even when the physical location is closed. If the company chooses shared hosting, the service providers offer a website that is monitored by the developer. The shared design is cost-effective, and the company shares the cost of hosting with others. A security scheme is set up and monitored by the off-site tech team.

Support Services and Techs

24-hour support services and technicians are also available off-site. The services enable the workers to get assistance at any time and even after business hours. The workers submit tickets through the network, and the technicians manage the issues quickly.

Storage and Disaster Recovery

Storage and backups are set up for the company and lower the chances of data loss and corruption. The technicians store the storage media in a secured location away from the company location. In the event of a disaster, the service providers set up a new server for the company to restore the files.

In the Virgin Islands, off-site IT services are beneficial for lowering common expenses for businesses. The outsourced services include a complete network, website development, 24-hour support services, and disaster recovery. Each of the services is available at a flat-rate fee, and the business owner chooses what services they need. A consultant helps the business owner locate the best services for their business. Company owners who need assistance contact David Johnson Cane Bay for an appointment.