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What are the Different ADHD Treatments to Increase Concentration and Focus?

Concentration in children is difficult since there are a lot of distractions and stimuli around them. Wherever they are, at home or in school, this happens and worse for those who had AHDH since the distractions can have severe effects. Children with ADHD are affected in a way that they are unable to form relationships with others and their educational potential is also affected negatively. Even if you remove all the distractions, children with ADHD will still need extra skills in order to be able to maintain their concentration. In order to help them maintain their concentration, children with ADHD needs specialized programs designed to develop the skills to succeed in it.

In order to help increase their concentration, children with ADHD can undergo Interactive Metronome Therapy or Neurofeedback therapy. These therapies are proven to help ADHD patients maintain higher levels of concentration even after they have discontinued the treatments. These treatments provide those with AHDH the brain training that is needed to help them maintain concentration and focus. And since they are able to concentrate on their own, it leads to the improvement of their personal well being. This only helps to increase the concentration of children with ADHD, but is not a cure to it. It only helps those with ADHD to manage their symptoms to help them in other areas of life and improve their ability to succeed.

In the first treatment, the Interactive Metronome Therapy, tones are generated by the computer where the person uses his hand and foot motions to follow it. The patient gives feedback to the tones through the means of repetitive motions. A score is tabulated which allows the participant to improve their reaction time score. When the patient gets correct timing, then his score improves. Concentration is then developed in the mind through this activity. The skills level increases, the more sessions are performed. Both children and adults benefit from this therapy with skills that last long.

Visual and auditory signals are used in the neurofeedback therapy in order to develop concentration skills. In this therapy, they measure brain wave response through visual and auditory stimuli provided by a computer. Each time that brain wave patterns are maintained the participant is rewarded. This develops an increased level of concentration of the participant. Methodologies vary among providers but the results are the same – increased levels of concentration and focus.

Any person suffering from ADHD can be helped to increase levels of concentration and focus by finding highly skilled providers that can give them the right ADHD treatment. With the two treatments mentioned above, a person that ADHD can improve on his concentration levels and focus. With these therapies there is an increased opportunity for a bright future for those suffering from ADHD.

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