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The Positive Effects of Consuming Tea in the World.

Tea is a beverage that is mostly loved by many people, and it is also reasonably priced that’s why it can be afforded by most people within different living standards. The world has a very large number of different types of tea, and the difference is as a result of where they originally come from.

There are several health benefits of using tea as compared to other beverages.

Once the tea leaves have grown from the plantation; they are left to try and processed to become small particles that are ready to be used and sold in most stores. The market has different types of tea including green tea, white tea, black tea and oolong tea and the variety is determined by the prevailing climate of the place where the tea has been grown and the level of oxidation during processing.

The advantage of using tea as your preferred daily beverage is that your body will be supplied with the necessary elements like minerals, vitamins, starch, and calories.
The elements you get in your body are responsible for different functions in the whole body, and it will make your body active to perform the tasks assigned to you.

Tea also has nutritious antioxidants and polyphenols that are essential to fight against cancer cells, delays the aging process and protects the body against heart disease and stroke. Frequent intake of tea is advantageous as your body is protected against several body infections.

The antioxidants in tea are essential for increasing the body metabolism and increasing the use of fat in the body as energy by converting it into glucose, and this helps in reducing weight.

Green tea especially has been processed to increase the level of antioxidants that are responsible for weight management then the tea is responsible for making the body release excessive calories and only keeps the healthy fats.
Another advantage of using tea is that it improves your oral health because it has fluoride component which is responsible for making your teeth enamel strong enough to resist the disease-causing bacteria on your teeth.

It is advisable to use white tea instead of black and green tea as these has large numbers of polyphenols that may stain your teeth and make them discolored.

Frequent intake of tea will make your oral health better because it works in preventing bad breath and cavities.

Tea also works in reducing cases of kidney stones by blocking the excessive absorption of iron in the body since the excessive irons cause kidney and liver diseases.
Moreover, regular intake of tea increases the strength in the body muscles and bones by getting enough supply of the needed minerals and vitamins.

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